Nelson is a film editor and director of Music Videos, social documentaries and commercial video productions. Venezuelan-born, Nelson is internationally traveled and educated. He received his A.A. degree at De Anza College and has recently graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. As a young film and video artist dedicated to using his craft to illuminate social issues, Nelson has already an impressive body of work. His film and production portfolio includes several internationally acclaimed Music Videos for the Venezuelan hip-hop artist and activist Cansebero. With viral music video hits, Mundo De Piedra, Pensando en ti and Jeremias 17-5 receiving worldwide attention, Cansebero is currently ranked as one of Latin America’s top 5 artists with an international audience. Nelson has produced several short independent documentaries including A Day with Turf, portraying the life of a San Francisco hip hop street artist, opening up the opportunity for his appearance on America’s Got Talent TV competition. He is currently in production on a number of music and commercial videos and as an editor and Director on several independent film projects.